Tuesday, April 29, 2008


spinning: bondafied lovin' - CHROMEO
feeling: T-T don't wanna write stupid paper D:
eating: flamin' hot munchies! <3
drinking: rockstar juiced ._.

I really don't wanna work on my paper T-T it's so boring... but I guess I might as well just crank it out -_-

but soommeeeonnneee is distracting meeees >_<
okay. time to really start on it kjesdhgjhgbv

byes =0=

spinning: 거짓말 - Big Bang
feeling: my contacts are drying ouuuttt ;0; damn allergies D:<

[you know, I think I might move my blog to wordpress.com, everything looks great there & the post options are a little more elaborate. but blogspot has it's pros... agh, I don't know T-T]

so I would consider this as pretty bad. D:
I never sleep early anymore. -_- granted, I have work at 4PM tomorrow, I still have to get up to start on my paper for effective speaking. T-T

& I'm sad right now cuz my extensions are going bye-bye ._. their life is coming to an end ~
I think I might buy new ones and have my friend Andy [from school] weave them in. LOL; I feel so ghetto.. I get to say "I have a weave! O:" ROFLMASDFKJHD xD okay, sorry. *ahem*

anyway! my lovely friend, Steven reminded (only cuz they involved him) me that I forgot to post about my other [mis]adventures on Friday! so here goes ~

he came by my place & we took his GPS (but my car! lol) & set off to go to Berkeley to buy my fabrics. O: he said he had nothing to do, so I guess that's his excuse for going. .. and of course, if I got lost, I didn't wanna get lost by myself xDD anyway! LOL

originally, I was planning to look through 2 or 3 stores, but he got here so late & I had a dinner to catch with some friends [ラルちゃん&co.], we were in a bit of a time crunch. I think the way we took there was the most interesting part of it... in Steven's words, "we took a scenic route through the ghetto." LOL; it's so true! xD traffic was gruesome, so we just went local. it was a looonnggg drive with lots of bad drivers on the road. D:

anyway! we finally made it to Stonemountain & Daughter & got parking (after a few tries, cuz we kept missing the turn to the parking lot LOL). & MAN, I walked into the store & it was like candy store for a 5 yr old. xD the fabrics were AWESOME! definitely going back to get stuffs for other projects ~ <333>0<

after I spent around $86 on all my stuff, we went to Jamba Juice & got drinks [like a gentleman, he paid :] ~ then we tried to find a place where I could get something to munch on until dinner ~~ we went to Crepes A-Go Go on Telegraph; I like it there. although the crepe wrap sometimes.. :\ pre-made = ftl. but it was still yummy, so I won't complain ~ anywho. after that, I think we just headed back to my place, I dropped him off at his car, & I vroom-vroomed over to SJ. ;D

my GOD, that was long.
so much effing blogging tonight. #__#
g'nights ~

Sunday, April 27, 2008


spinning: How Gee - Big Bang
feeling: hungover/sleepy/..like procrastinating D:

우린 빅--BANG! being the real Big Bang geek I am, I keep up with their news & read posts everyday from my favorite BB fansite, bigbangkorean.wordpress.com ~ I love their daily updates & everything. <333 100% awesome (:

so aside from BB stuff, I've got to say-- THE WEATHER LATELY: I can't tell if it sucks or if it's great. it's soooooo hot #_# I am burning to a crisp! & only a few days ago, it was freezing =0= this weather is really starting to get on my nerves. cuz I don't know how I'm supposed to be dressing to go to school (in the City/SF) D:<

BUT! my weekend was awesomeness. <3

Thursday was spent at popscene; fun as always. went with Elle & 3 of her UCSC friends (Anthony, Michael, & Bridget). grabbed Denny's afterwards after just missing the closing time for Mel's T-T

Friday was with ロランスちゃん & Zinちゃん @ SJSU. played SSB Brawl for a whiiile; I are kicked ass :3 we ate ice cream too xD even though it was freezing outside ~ it was yummays. :D

Saturday, I attempted to do h/w, but really got nothing done. later that night though, I went to karaoke for my friend's birthday O: it was really fun xD ahaha ~ we all got blasted and sang like crazy. birthday boy got fucked up most & we had to leave early cuz his ass was throwing up. *AHEM* LOL;; but god.. I drank too much & had to sleep over at [my friend] Dane's place :x she had work at 9:30AM & when I woke up, I had the worst hangover evars D:<

today (Sunday), I got to spend a day with someone still [rather] special. (: picked her up & went to visit Dane @ work ~ where [Dane] proceeded to amuse/creep her out by sending me texts without apparently even touching her phone. HAHAHA; her reaction was so cute/funny. xD thennn we went to the mall for a bit, but couldn't find anything exciting. although, I DID break a glass bowl filled with rings @ Forever21. LOL; but that's because the person I was with said something soooo.. well-- inappropriate (but SOO funny) that we had to jet. & on the way out, my shorts caught onto the side of the bowl & KLINK; my fat ass swiped it off the table. =0= & then, to conclude my day out, we went to get ramen at Ajisen in Fremont (really good, I recommends ~!) <3

aaaand that was my weekend!
now I'm stuck working on my h/w again :x
so much work, so little interest. D:
this week is midterms, too asdkjfh!@#$5 T-T

[우~ side note: my stepmom's friend that lives in the room next to mine walked into the house yelling about something. LOL so random :x crazy people..]

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I only got 3 hrs of sleep last night D:
I had class this
morning & am dyyiinnggg right now =0=
gears are only turning because of a red bull ._.

sooo... I got a
C- on my last speech for class. LOL
too tired for a smooth delivery today. :\
on the
plus side, tonight's class will be exciting ~
... well, a
bit, anyway. :x

I'm in the
library right now w/ my friend Josh-- we're on facebook & stuff. ahahaha; so geeky. xDD

aaaaanyway. there are a few things in
life I wanna post about :x
maybe in another post O: I'm so lazy right now~

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I have class at 8AM tomorrow-- & I have to wake up at around 6AM to get ready & all that shit. =0=

I am
haaaaating this schedule. I will be.. like a zombie tomorrow.
OH SHIT. I forgot I have to watch a speech;
fuck. LOL

eugh. after this post, I guess. -__-

so, today was
I woke up at 9 or so (by
Steven's phonecall) & took a shower, then attempted to do my homework (that was due on Monday; LOL). by 12, was out the door & on my way to Emeryville. why am I going there? excellent question. D: for those that know me (well enough, anyway), you know for whom I'm going there for [yes; there's really only 1 reason]. those of you who don't-- well, that's too bad. ahahaha; maybe you can ask. :3 aaand maybe I'll tell you. :P

anyway. I was there to help
draw a design for a tshirt; whose & what brand's, I'm not allowed to say. sooo; yeah. :x it turned out okay, not really my best & not my favorite, either. aaand apparently not to the owner's desire either, so I have to go again next week & redraw. she said that she wanted to give me more time, but unless I get to the place by like.. 10AM, it'll still be the same amount of time? 'cause I had work after @ 4PM and had to leave at 3:30PM [& there's traffic from where I was to my work place-- ohhh man was there traffic. =0=] so yes. that was how my Tuesday was spent.

Monday was a disaster that I don't really want to recall. lol;;; & tomorrow will be a NIGHTMARE #_#
my god, I can't wait for
Friday to come. hahaha~ or maybe even Thursday (whiiiich reminds me: I left my paycheck at work-- very lame -_-); at least I'll get a little sleep during the day. T-T

so I purged the blog of all the old posts because they were pointless posts made for the sake of trying to pass a class. our final was to make a trendspotting-type-esque blog & make informative posts. I did... parts of it. LOL xD

according to my xanga (L0VE_LETTERS), I haven't made a post on any blog in about 10 months. O: a lot of shit went on in those 10 months; but I'd have to say, nothing that I really want to recall. hahaha

I should be doing a project for my History of Fashion I class :x but instead (like last night), I'm doing something completely irrelevant. xD very much "me", I'd say O:

okay. will update more later ~